4th-11th DECEMBER 2019

13th-20th DECEMBER 2019

22nd-30th DECEMBER 2019

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Dhyan Yogi is a modern Tantra Master, Shaman, and Sexual Healer-Bodyworker. He is dedicated to expand love, joy and consciousness, blending together Tantra and Shamanism. Connected to humans, nature and spirit, he integrates in himself and in his transmission all aspects of life, from grounded sexuality to deep spirituality. He devotes his teachings and sessions on liberation from chains of conditionings, on conscious relating, on women’s healing, and on balancing male and female energies.


He founded the school Conscious Tantra and Shamanism, and he leads groups in Europe and Asia, helping individuals and couples to rediscover their own true being, life energy and flow of love. He also created the retreat center ConsciousLand in Italy, a space of freedom, love and connection. 

After having spent a lot of his life as a theoretical astrophysicist, the discovery of Osho and Tantra brought him to direct all his energy and passion to the inner research, starting his spiritual path and a new life. He found his tantra Master Ma Ananda Sarita and deeply dived into her wisdom. Then he deepened his shamanic practices and melted it with tantra, creating a powerful alchemy for personal growth. 

He is a certified Tantra teacher from the School Tantra Essence, Ritual Trance Dance and Soul Hunting facilitator from Wilbert Alix, Tantra Yoga teacher from Shri Kali Ashram.

Nama Devi is a Tantric Priestess, Healer and Bodyworker, facilitating groups in Europe and Asia. Passionately devoted to her conscious spiritual path, she helps individuals and couples to rediscover their full inner potential, empowering and balancing the sexual vital energy as a key for a joyful and blissful life.


She started her path with energetic and shamanic rituals, then the discovery of Master Osho totally transformed her life. Meeting Dhyan Yogi and entering the school Conscious Tantra and Shamanism, let her divine feminine fully blossom. Then, with the intention to go deeper in her spiritual tantric path, she decided to learn directly from the source, that she found in her Master Ma Ananda Sarita. Attuning with female energy, she also became Moon Mother with Miranda Gray. Combining the wisdom of tantra and the power of the sacred feminine, she helps women to liberate and balance the potential of their wombs.


Traveling the world, she also learned Vipassana meditation at the Wat Ram Poeng temple in Thailand, and became a certified Tantra Yoga teacher at Shri Kali ashram in India.


Mevanya is a healing soul, a powerful energy, she is you and I, us and them. Mevanya is a woman, a love, a life, a feeling. Once you know yourself, you know her. You are her passion and if you allow it, she will show you a unique piece of life, love and the universe. In her rests the power of truth, deep connection, empowerment, self love and therefore unconditional love for others. She lives fully and loves radically as a self responsible, limitless and free being and immerses in all that lives. To describe her is possible but wouldn’t be just. She is everything and nothing. On her journey to and with herself she encountered Tantra. She teaches love and freedom, self responsibility, independence, happiness and serenity. In one-on-one and couples work, retreats and workshops she empowers searching souls all around the world to find their way back to themselves and to restart life from there.


Darunee is an expert teacher and therapist of Thai, face, and foot massage. She helps spreading the ancient tradition combined with modern tools, and with other techniques, to offer the best healing experience. Happy and positive personality, always ready to share her teachings with enthusiasm. She likes to collaborate with spiritual teachers, building together a field for personal healing and evolution at more levels.


“Your lovely way of being makes me trust you and it's like you are born to do this. Your presence get me feeling well, relaxed and welcome. I've learned a lot from you and hope to learn even more. You really manage to touch my feelings that have been well hidden. I dare to participate in more and more workshops, thanks to you."


“The retreat was very deep and nourishing for my soul and my body, now I know something new about myself. I would never imagine that these days could be so powerful. After this time with you I really feel something changes in my life, and I'm so happy to be ready for this. Thank you for this beautiful experience, for love, for joy, for lough and cry, thank you for your lovely presence."


“I liked your openness, and disinhibition... I liked the exercises and the way you demonstrated them...
This pair is the embodiment of tantra. They are free from any limitations, open, connected to each other and their students, professional, and they truly love what they do. I enjoyed their workshops immensely, and felt in another world, time just flew by. I recommend them warm heartedly."